I do understand this program but I am not sure that I am ready to live without my credit cards. Some of the companies that I have credit cards with I also have debit cards with. What assurance do I have that they will not get revenge and close out my checking accounts? It could take up to 3 months for the negative item to be removed from my credit report. How can I get my money back if this does not happen. The money back guarantee is for 60 days right?

You have asked some good and intelligent questions. The good news is, we have never heard of any institution raiding another account of the customer to compensate the credit card debt that they claim the customer owes. This is due to the strength of the Liberty...

Can the system handle issues of debit card debt?

No, because those are not loans. Even though the words “debt” and “debit” are similar, they are opposites. A debit card simply accesses what is in your checking account. There is no debt to cancel.