Yes and no.  Yes, the Liberty system can provide the essential prerequisite to cleaning up your credit report.  The essential prerequisite is to get the debts cancelled.  Once they are cancelled, the Liberty system has done its job.  Then you will need to do other things to clean up the credit report.  We are not in the credit repair business.  But if you Google “credit repair”, you will find thousands of consulting firms that will help you with that.  However, if you were to skip directly to credit repair, without first cancelling the existing debts, their job would be nearly impossible.   They can’t do much to improve your credit score with those debts still standing there.  They need to be eliminated.  Then the credit repair is much easier.  Liberty handles the debt elimination.  We call it debt “validation”, because it sounds nicer . . . we’re giving the pretender lenders a polite opportunity to validate the legitimacy of their so-called debts.  When they can’t, then the debts are cancelled.