You can get started immediately upon receiving the documents from the website. Most people only need 20 or 30 minutes to create the customized versions of the documents for each debt that is to be cancelled. Then after sending them registered mail (return receipt requested), within a few weeks a rebuttal will come from the pretender lender or their collection agent. The rebuttal will show that YOU HAVE WON, because it will FAIL COMPLETELY to even address any of the points in your dispute letter . . . much less answer them or prove that the debt is valid by fulfilling your demands for compliance with the law. Their letter will beat around the bush, claim this and that, but will strategically avoid answering the allegations made in your dispute letter. They are now caught, and they cannot escape. But, they hope that you will be intimidated and will acquiesce, or will get distracted and get off point.

So, you very calmly just print out, sign, and send registered mail (return receipt requested) the very same letter, as you will see in the instructions. Just follow the simple instructions that come with the program. Very simple. Like washing your hair, “rinse and repeat”. A few weeks later, they will probably send another silly rebuttal. Once again it will completely fail to even address any of the points. So, repeat the same process. Send the letter again, according to the instructions. Very simple, very easy, and it doesn’t take much time to do.

This process may go on for a few months. Gradually you will hear from them less and less. Most customers stop hearing from the pretender lender and their agents within 3 to 6 months. It is when you have not heard from them for a while, that you know they have given up. They know they are beaten, but they will never admit it in writing. You did see the Transunion report on our website showing the debt of one customer deleted, but the lenders themselves won’t admit in writing that they were wrong . . . because then they would be liable for billions . . . trillions . . . of dollars worth of fraudulent debts to hundreds of millions of people over decades. It’s a big thing. So, they would much rather just let you go, quietly.