In the many years we have been selling our natural law trust and thousands sold, we have never had one customer’s trust get sued. In the rare case you are sued we do have a network of law coaches who can prepare your court documents and coach you on what to say in court.

Our law coaches are far superior to statutory attorneys in effectiveness. And, there is no such thing as a “common law attorney”. That is an oxymoron. Either he is an attorney, which is statutory, or he deals with common law – – which makes it impossible for him to play the role of an attorney and be a member of the Bar. The word “Bar” derives from “British Accredited Registry”, and the word “attorney” means “an agent of the court who attorns (turns over) the assets to the court”. It is well known that in order to pass the Bar, attorneys must confess their loyalty – – NOT to the paying client – – but rather to the court.

The world’s legal systems are infamous for being corrupted by design. But the international brotherhood of people quietly using common law trusts, and at the highest level, Natural Law Trusts, have been peacefully enjoying their low profile and their freedom to live outside the whole circus of courts and their dog-and-pony-show litigation systems. It almost feels like we are giving asylum to refugees who have been abused and made fearful by the statutory systems – – thus resulting in questions like yours – – worrying about who will defend your trust – – when the truth is, once you are inside the brave new world of private sovereign trusts, you discover that it is a peaceful and harmonious world that simply doesn’t suffer from the attacks and conflicts that the “normal” world does.


At the same time, yes, absolutely, precisely because we DO understand the many types of law out there – – admiralty, maritime, statutory, common law, the UCC, commercial remedy, the science of personal status, kingdom law, canon law, and so forth, we have a network of some of the most invincible and formidable experts in legal remedy. While it is extremely unlikely you would need them to defend the trust, they are available.

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