Thank you for your inquiry, but you have heard very incorrectly and you have been misguided.  Have you read our trust eBook?  It doesn’t sound like it.  If you are comparing estate planning entities, it is fairly necessary for you to have the knowledge provided in the trust eBook before knowing what is best for you.


A will is inferior and unnecessary when you have an NLT.  And who told you that “a living trust is better for that (as compared to your NLT), easier and less probate”?  I’d like to know what they were smoking.  It is well known, even in the statutory asset protection world, that a living trust isn’t worth the paper it is written on when it comes to asset protection.  About the only thing that it can do is avoid probate, but so can the NLT.  A living trust is full of statutory requirements, fees, and complicated legalese that can only be interpreted by an attorney.


Attorneys make their livelihood on statutory legalese.  That is why they hate the common law and natural law.  And that is why they will steer you away from the NLT.  Therefore, that is why it is foolish to ask them about the NLT.  They don’t make their living from it, and furthermore, both their law schools and their peer groups have brainwashed them against the very instruments that their own elite puppet masters in the Bilderbergers and Committee of 300 have used for generations.  Talk about ignorant!


So, we quietly use the same advanced trust technology that the elite have used, but we use it to free people and make the world a better place.  It is part of a new dawn of human civilization that is happening.


Do you know the difference between statutory law, common law, and natural law?  Once again, it is very highly recommended that you read the trust eBook, including the section on the different types of law and the FAQ section.  We expect that once you understand the knowledge there, you will see the nearly infinite advantages of the NLT over any other kind of estate planning or asset protection instrument.


May your studies go well!